ICE On A Star

July 18, 2018

My name’s too difficult for your kind to understand for it is beyond your reasoning capacity. No disrespect, just facts. Call me whatever you’d like. Besides, where I live we don’t have names like you on Earth.

I reside in a constellation close to Earth. On those rare nights the pollution on your planet doesn’t hog the atmosphere you can see my home shine in the sky. Adhara, the 19th brightest star on your side of the “Milky Way”, is my home. To put it in Homosapiens terms–on average my home has a daily temperature of 39,000 degrees fahrenheit and winds averaging 175 miles per second. By all means and human definitions my home is “uninhabitable”.

“Is there life beyond and outside Earth?” you mused. Searching for the next place to ruin. Curiosity and greed made you search for new life whilst you treated all the lives on Earth with reckless disregard. Ha. And meanwhile you were strangers on your own planet failing to appreciate all forms of living beings. Your obsession with extraterrestrials, Roswell and Aliens clouded your judgement like the smog in your skies. Selfish and self-centered beings. As if the universe revolves around you. That is the very reason your numbers are in peril now! Had you taken the time to slow down and observe your world you’d know that life takes many forms.

You need oxygen to breathe and live. I don’t. I’m allergic to oxygen. Water is like acid to me yet oddly enough I swim in acid. Your demise came because you were too ignorant and close minded to comprehend that life takes many forms. Had it ever even occurred to you that life could exist in those “uninhabitable” homes?

In your year 2016, the Intergalactic Committee Enforcers (ICE) decided to close off the borders and the wrinkles of time to your kind. For we saw how you treated the “aliens” of your kind and foresaw how you’d treat us if you found us.

Find kindness in your heart, treasure your home and diversity of culture. Open your minds to different things and perhaps then we’ll open the universe.